Batumi Eagle week 2019

24 Sep - 1 Oct 2019
Beside the special programme of the festival, end of September marks the passage of thousands of eagles through Batumi. Steppe Buzzards reach their peak, with over 100,000 in a single day. Join the Batumi Eagle Festival Week to witness this spectacle.
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Svaneti Extension 2019

21 to 23 Sep 2019
Combine your stay in Batumi or the Birding Festival with a trip to Svaneti. The region is home to all Caucasian endemics, and boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes in Georgia.
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Winter Adventure 2019

2 to 9 March, 2019
This trip to Georgia takes you from snowy mountains to desert steppes, wintering birds are all around. Impressive list of species, stunning landscapes with most of the highlights of the country. That's what you will be going home with!
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Crested HB Week 2019

14 to 21 Sep 2019
The mid of September brings the largest diversity of raptors to Batumi, including 7 species of eagle. It is also the best time to find the Crested Honey Buzzard, a major rarity for which Batumi is probably the best place in the West Palearctic.
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About Batumi Birding

Batumi Birding Ltd. offers birdwatching tours to the Caucasus, including Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. With over a decade of experience in the region, our own facilities on the ground and an international team, we are in a unique position to guarantee you a most rewarding birding holiday. Our engagement with nature goes beyond birding trips: we are actively involved in conservation projects and provide core funding to the BirdLife partners in the region. Batumi Birding is owned by SABUKO (BirdLife in Georgia). This means that all annual profits flow to this conservation organization.
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