Your trip to Batumi

Every spring and autumn
Batumi Birding offers an easy way to organize your stay in Batumi at a good price: you book a flight, we organize your accommodation and excursions.
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Svaneti Extension

22 to 24 Sep 2016
Combine your stay in Batumi or the Birding Festival with a trip to Svaneti. The region is home to all Caucasian endemics, and boasts some of the most spectacular landscapes in Georgia.
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Crested HB Week

17 to 24 Sep 2016
The third week of September brings the largest diversity of raptors to Batumi, including 7 species of eagle. It is also the best time to find the Crested Honey Buzzard, a major rarity for which Batumi is probably the best place in the West Palearctic.
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Batumi Eagle Special

25 Sep to 1 Oct 2016
The end of September marks the passage of thousands of eagles through Batumi. At the same time, Steppe Buzzards reach their peak, with over 100,000 in a single day. Join the Eagle Festival to witness this spectacle.
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August 3, 2015
Help us to promote our 2016 offer with your high-quality pictures. Rewards offered!
July 25, 2015
New accommodation option available for single travellers who are willing to share a room.
White-throated Robin (c) Johannes Jansen
June 19, 2015
During this spring our teams are scouting for top birding trips around Batumi. From 2016 , we offer trips which combine the spectacular raptor migration in Batumi with North-east Turkey.

Guesthouse service

in Batumi

Batumi Birding organizes guesthouses where visitors are offered accommodation including full board. The accommodation includes a comfortable private room in a family house with shared bathroom. During your stay you can attend the raptor watch point (Sakhalvasho/station one, Shuamta/station two) and visit other birding or cultural highlights in Ajara region.
The families running a guesthouse will offer you delicious traditional Georgian cuisine. Guests are be provided with breakfast, lunch (or picknick) and dinner at desirable time. Your stay will be more exciting by tasting variety of local and often organic food.

About Batumi Birding

Batumi Birding Ltd. has been created to take over the ecotourism-related activities formerly organized by SABUKO (Society for Nature Conservation) in Batumi. Since 2010, Batumi Raptor Count has created a network of guesthouses with local families where visitors can stay for a modest fee. Since 2015, the guesthouses and guide trips are managed by Batumi Birding. In addition to improvements in the guesthouses and excursions in the Batumi area, we are expanding our offer to other birding hotspots in Georgia, with a focus on the Caucasus endemics (Kazbegi) and the eastern steppes. We organize tours to Armenia and Azerbaijan in cooperation with our local partners. Batumi Biridng is owned by SABUKO (BirdLife in Georgia). A small profit is made on these guesthouses and 70% of which flows to the nature conservation projects of SABUKO, including BRC.
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